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Las Vegas is one of those unique destinations that is best enjoyed in the company of friends and family…and lots of them! However, traveling with a large group makes finding the right accommodations challenging. You may not be able to find rooms close to each other or within your budget. And then what? Well, here’s an option you may not have considered: why not book a Las Vegas luxury vacation rental? This elite style of accommodation will not only allow your group to all vacation together, but to do so in grand luxury and comfort. You’ll all enjoy an upscale experience together, with a wide range of exciting amenities, and all the comforts of home. 

So, whether you’re visiting Las Vegas for a sports tournament, a wedding celebration, a birthday party, or a bachelorette or bachelor party, a luxury mansion vacation rental will give you infinitely more space, be easier on the pocketbook, and offer an unforgettable memory of your time in the Entertainment Capital of the World. 

Sports Tournaments:

If you’re a member of one of the thousands of sports teams that travel to Las Vegas each year, whether for a single game or a high-stakes tournament, a luxury vacation rental is an ideal choice.  

Just imagine how hard it would be to keep track of players housed in hotels all over the city. What a headache! Instead, make the easier choice of keeping the whole team under one roof. 

Just think of all the benefits of staying in a luxury vacation rental in Las Vegas!  Since healthy meals are such an important part of performing well, a fully-equipped chef-quality kitchen is a major bonus. Plus, there’s all that money saved on restaurant bills! 

Also, a luxury vacation rental eliminates the inevitable comparison of who got the better, or more luxurious, hotel room. Everyone on the team gets to enjoy the same amenities. And some spectacular amenities they are! Many homes come equipped with pools, hot tubs, games rooms, workout facilities, movie rooms, and even outdoor tiki bars! 

And last, but by no means, least everyone under the same roof, coaches and chaperones can rest a lot easier, knowing that the whole group is present and accounted for, without running all over town. 

Bachelor/Bachelorette/Birthday Parties

Las Vegas is a top destination for the big celebrations in life, including pre-wedding celebrations and birthdays.  One issue that comes up regularly for these big groups is that they want to spend their time having fun together and the only way they can see to do that is to book a block of boring, cookie-cutter hotel rooms. And pay those Strip hotel rates!

That means sharing cramped bathrooms, maybe even sharing beds, or worst of all, getting stuck on the paper-thin mattress of a sleeper sofa. Not the best way to start off an exciting group vacation!

And, in reality, it actually cuts down on quality time together – after all, how many people do you want to fit into a single hotel room? 

Cue the luxury vacation rental! Here, the large living and gathering areas allow the whole gang to hang out in comfort and style together. Gourmet kitchens allow you to prepare your snacks and meals on your own time and with your own ingredients, instead of 6 am “Continental breakfast” or questionable buffets. 

Private pools mean no more sharing your space with kids in swim diapers or fighting for a lounge chair. 

And all the sensational amenities are for your group only. Take advantage of the pools, hot tubs, games rooms, theater rooms, putting greens, and myriad lounge and dining spaces to focus on what’s truly important – your friends and their celebrations. 

With all the different bed sizes, and private bathrooms found in luxury vacation rentals, you’ll all be able to rest easier (literally!) and enjoy luxurious privacy in the bathroom! 

Perhaps the very best perk of all is being able to post all the pics of your absolutely fabulous Las Vegas luxury rental home and drive your friends crazy with jealousy!

Wedding Celebrations

Weddings are a joyous time that bring families and friends together, sometimes from far-flung locations. And all the better if it’s been a long time since you last enjoyed each other’s company. 

What could be a better way of catching up than renting a luxury vacation rental so you can all be together, laughing, telling stories, and making wondrous new memories? 

After a fun-filled evening of rehearsal dinners or wedding receptions, it will be an absolute delight to return home to a spacious private home to continue the party before retiring to your private room or suite. 

Gather around in the chef’s kitchen in the morning for a strong cup of coffee and perhaps even a lavish breakfast spread. And unlike the hotels, you can linger here as long as you like. 

When breakfast is over, perhaps it’s time to change into your swimsuit and take advantage of the private pool. In your own luxury vacation rental, it’s all about you, and whatever you want. 

So, the next time Las Vegas’s horizon is in your sites, remember two things: 

A Las Vegas luxury vacation rental is the only way to experience this most unique of cities and of course, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


Written by

Andre Le